I’ve heard from many of you that you’d like to see some more pictures.  Here are some pictures from throughout the past two months here.


This is Siyabonga, my host brother from my homestay family during training.  I think he has weirdest hairline ever (the kid appears to be going bald at age 2).

Breakfast with Siyabonga

The kids here are very photogenic. It's hard to take a bad picture.

My host brother from my permenant site family, Sandiso

My New Home

As of last Thursday I’m officially a Peace Corps Volunteer!  We took the oath (the same one members of Congress take) packed our stuff and headed off to our permanent sites where we will spend the next two years.  With my new home also comes a new mailing address.  If you’d like to send me a letter (which is always welcome) please use the new mailing address.  If you are so kind as to want to send a package, shoot me an email before you send it for mailing instructions.

I will be working with an organization that specializes in community development with orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs).  I’m very happy with my my village, organization, and living situation.  I know you’ve been wanting to see some pictures of where I’m living.  I took this picture yesterday morning from outside my window.

not a bad view to wake up to

The other big (and shocking) news is that I am now the proud owner of a dog.  The family I’m staying with has a dog who had puppies.  For some reason I’m not really quite sure of yet, I took a shine to one of them and ended up adopting him.  His name is Brumus.  Thank you all for your letters, emails and positive thoughts and vibes, they make a huge difference.  I’d love to hear what you are up to back in the States, so don’t be shy about writing or emailing me.


My Run

Here are some cool pictures I took during my morning run

This is the Georgetown townhouse JFK lived in when he was first elected to congress

Washington National Cathedral

It Begins…

Welcome!  This blog will chronicle my 27 months as a Peace Corps volunteer in South Africa.  At first I was hesitant to keep a blog.  I didn’t want to keep a blog only for it to turn into a poorly written chronicle of irrelevant minutia.  I’ll try my best to relate some interesting stories and share some cool pictures.

Many of you have asked me what I plan on taking during my stay in South Africa.  Below is a picture of everything I’m taking.  We’re only allowed to take 80lbs with us, (not including the carry on bag), so you definitely have to be selective about what you take.  Also, I want to let you know now that I won’t have phone or internet access until the end of March, so any emails you send me will go unanswered until then.

All the suff I'm taking with me